Matthews & Associates has partnerships with many manufactures covering multiple industries:


High Definition Modelmaking

Buzzwerk: The merging of Art, Craft and Science, Buzzwerk – High Definition Modelmaking, located in Dallas, Texas manufactures custom CNC prototypes and appearance models, FMD parts and architectural displays. Services include CNC machining & milling, finishing & coatings, rapid prototyping, urethane casting, screen printing and RTV tooling.

FM Corporation

Structural Foam Molding and Assembly

165,000 sq. ft. facility, with over 200 associates. 90-1450 Ton clamping force 75lb. Max. shot size. Complete in-house finishing, 4 paint lines, shielding, silk screening, pad printing, secondary opns, sheet metal and electro-mechanical assy. Shots to 75 lbs. Ship to stock & SPC/SQC programs. ProE, SDRC, AutoCad & EDI in use. Tooling & engineering service. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

General Foundry Service

Custom Cast & Machined Aluminum Components

Full service supplier providing patternmaking, prototypes, precision sand casting, rubber/plaster mold and permanent mold processes. CNC machining to print and prototypes in-house. Aluminum and zinc alloy castings. Full finishing to print services. Prototype, pre-production, bridge to production, and low to medium volume production quantities available.

Parkway Products

Custom Injection Molding

Parkway EMP is a leading source for custom thermoplastic, thermoset, high performance polymer & metallic molded solutions. By combining a broad portfolio of processing technologies with design, manufacturing, and program management & repositioning services, Parkway EMP is able to provide best-in-class original equipment manufacturers with innovative manufacturing solutions and maximum value.

Plastics Design & Manufacturing

Vacuum and Pressure Forming, Profile Extrusion, & Acrylic Fabrication

Custom vacuum forming equipment, including rotary machines with computerized accuracy & multi-zone heating systems. Pressure forming equipment up to 75 p.s.i. to ensure highly accurate parts. Multiple profile extrusion lines up to 6” to run close tolerance custom plastic parts. Acrylic fabrication per print, custom forming, machining, bonding, polishing, drilling, & full painting. Three & five axis milling centers for custom part mod’s, acrylic fab, or tool & fixture construction. In-house painting with silk screening & EMI/RFI shielding; ISO 9001-2000 Certified; UL/FDA/CE Approved parts supplier.

Stratasys 3D Printers

3D Printers

Manufactures 3D Printers in U.S.A. using their invented/patented FMD (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. Allows you to print professional-grade 3D models from your desk. Builds accurate, functional concept models, rapid prototypes and product mockups using ABS thermoplastic. Eliminates machining or tooling costs for manufacturing tools or low-volume production parts. Industries that have used Stratasys include Areospace, Automotive, Commercial, Consumer, Education and Military. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.